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I highly recommend Eichhorn Piano Services. Bob is amazing, talented, and professional.

- Priscilla Filomeno Engle

Humidity Control for Your Piano

GrandSys04Well, here’s a subject that a lot of piano owners would rather ignore.   Pianos are primarily made of wood, and wood can move dramatically as it absorbs and releases moisture in reaction to changes in the air’s humidity each season.  These changes can have drastic, detrimental effects upon your instrument.  The good news is that something can be done about it.  There is a way to control the moisture of the air WITHIN the piano’s case throughout the entire year.  We install Dampp-Chaser humidity control systems which are designed exclusively for pianos that are subject to theses fluctuations.  These systems are almost always better than trying to control whole room humidity with a floor type humidifier (good in winter only.)  Floor units are also noisy and use much more energy (higher functional cost) than our systems.The Dampp-Chaser system does not attempt to control the humidity in the entire room which is often impossible, it’s only “interested” in keeping your piano happy!  I will be glad to supply you any additional information that you may require concerning these systems.   Use the contact form to speak with me about your unique situation.

Check out this page for more information and education about humidity control systems.

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