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1916 Mason & Hamlin Model “A”

Useful as-is but due for restoration.

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“Free” Pianos:

It’s interesting these days as acoustic piano dealerships, which once were ubiquitous and always within a stone’s throw of any medium sized town have now pretty much migrated to the larger cities.  Consequently, newer (often better) pianos are harder to come by in rural areas. I sometimes hear phrases like “pianos aren’t worth much anymore” or “nobody wants pianos” when actually nothing has changed as far as the value of a decent instrument to those who have learned to play well. Pianos, to many people, are their “lifeline” to either self therapy, composing, performance or simply love of music. I suppose the important take-away here is that one should always have a used instrument inspected first by a competent technician before buying, and be wary of “free” pianos which may end up being way more expensive (often found in nearly unplayable condition) than a properly inspected or prepped instrument might otherwise be. To be fair, I have seen a couple of “free” pianos change hands that were actually decent instruments, but to be sure, that is the rare exception and definitely NOT the rule.