Bob & Debbie Eichhorn



e’ve spent our whole lives making music.  We share the love of playing and listening to music.  Bob is a guitarist and still performs when able.  Debbie enjoys playing her flute and piano and teaching.  She is also a member of the Hometown Band and Central Indiana Flute Choir.  Bob has been tuning and rebuilding pianos since 1979 when he became an apprentice to George Frank Emerson at Ball State University.  He established EPS in the years to come and has a piano restoration shop behind our residence in the Albany/Muncie area.  We have enjoyed meeting a vast array of people through our business and in local musical circles and appreciate their friendship and patronage.

~ The Eichhorns

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In an age when we are constantly inundated with new electronic gadgets there still remains something special, more expressive and perhaps closer to one’s soul in the sound of a good acoustic instrument. Let’s not forget the great value of the familiar and the mundane in life and art!

- Bob